Collect Blue souls to gather up charge! Use the charge on the orange chaser to score up points! Try and combo many for multipliers!

Shift to use boost - Ghost will follow your mouse.

Demo includes the survival mode! Levels and more enemies will be added when the game is completed.

Patch 0.6

  • Demo release!
  • Menu added.
  • Tutorial page added. (Ingame Tutorial at a later date)
  • Level music added. (Menu music and sound-effects at a later date)
  • Animation improvements for Chaser and Blasteye
  • Graphical changes to Chaser.
  • Charge will now slowely charge up at around 1 point per 0.75 seconds.
  • Level background changed.
  • Improved Collision for Blocker.

Patch 0.5

  • Added a new enemy, Blasteye! Blasteye appears when you've got around 1800 Points, and will spawn roughly every 30 seconds. Blasteye will use a giant laser and spin around slowely,  move around it or take damage! Blasteye cannot be destroyed by Ghost Boost.
  • Improved Animation for the Charger, Chaser and Blocker.
  • Graphics updated for Chaser.
  • Graphics updated for Blocker.
  • The game now gets progressively harder the higher your score is!
  • Re-Adjusted the Spawn-rates for Souls, as the game would drag out for too long in the early game.
  • Improved Collision for Chaser.
StatusIn development
Made withConstruct
TagsGhosts, Spooky

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